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The Kimberley is a special part of the State.

Garaangaddim (The Horizontal Falls) holds great spiritual and cultural significance to the Dambimangari people, the traditional owners of the Country, which is home to the Falls. The breathtaking views of the Kimberley from our Seaplanes, the spectacular water landing in Talbot Bay and the chance to be immersed in an environment so rich from a cultural and natural perspective, truly provide a once in a lifetime experience. We feel privileged to be able to operate in such a unique part of the world. As such, in respect of the cultural sensitivity that applies to the area, we craft our experiences focusing on careful sites selection and last but certainly not least, your safety, enjoyment and comfort.

As a safety conscious operator, we regularly review our operating procedures and we have recently made the decision to no longer traverse the narrowest of the two gaps that make up the majestic Horizontal Falls phenomenon. This initiative also respects the culture and beliefs of the Dambimangari people. The other current tour inclusions are not impacted by this decision. Our focus remains on celebrating the broader experience, including the magnificent view from the air and water and through providing a range of experiences to introduce our Guests to the beauty of this part of Western Australia.

The Horizontal Falls are a natural phenomenon which are created by unique, large, fast-moving tides squeezing through two narrow gorges of the McLarty Range in Talbot Bay, located in the Buccaneer Archipelago.

The power of the Horizontal Falls water flow is determined by these fluctuating tidal movements. As much as we will endeavour to take you through the wide gap (first set of Falls) when the water movement is at its optimum, the experience of the Horizontal Falls flow will differ from tour to tour. All Guests will get to appreciate the power of the water flow through the narrow gap (second set of Falls) at safe distance from their boat. During slow water days, the tidal movements are minimal, meaning the horizontal waterfalls are relatively inactive making for a scenic boat cruise and an opportunity to take in spiritual and historical significance of the area in a more relaxed setting. During neap tides, there is little to no water movement and the Horizontal Falls phenomenon does not occur, and no tours take place during this period. During fast water days, it is possible that you could arrive in Talbot Bay and the water will be slower. Given we operate tours in a remote area of the world there is the possibility you miss the falls flowing even in a fast water days. We ensure our power boats operate under procedures and speeds always mandated by AMSA (the marine regulator authority).

We are looking forward to welcoming you and we take the opportunity to thank you for choosing to spend part of your holiday with us.

To check tidal movements for the 2023 season, please refer to Yampi Sound (Koolan Island) tides chart below.

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