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Savour the Kimberley with the Ultimate Horizontal Falls Cruise

When it comes to pure, unadulterated adventure, the isolated coast of the Kimberley region is quite possibly the ultimate global location.

There are not many places left on our planet where you can literally be the only humans experiencing over two billion years of natural history, surrounded by aquamarine waters, deep rain forest and a rich tapestry of wildlife that serenades you with a cacophony of sound.

Cruising these waters brings a wilderness adventure like no other and is something few people ever get the opportunity to encounter.

The shifting sands of time

If you’ve ever stared in awe at images from National Geographic that showcase quite how amazing Mother Nature really is, then exploring the Kimberley by cruise is going to blow your mind. The geology is simply astounding, boasting white plumed waterfalls cascading over ochre coloured rock formations twisted over the millennia by powerful tectonic plate movements, as well as unique rock formations not seen anywhere else on the planet. And the only way to see such inaccessible and remote beauty is to take to the water, making a Kimberley cruise a truly unique experience.

Artistic evidence of the long history of Aboriginal habitation is etched into hidden seams and crevices – making it imperative that you travel with a guide who knows such locations and can reveal their secrets. Giant boab trees wave greetings from rocky outcrops that, to the naked eye, seem impossible of supporting life and pods of humpback whales return year after year to breed and bring new life to the oceans.

Such delights are but a snapshot of the diversity and beauty of the region - merely a tantalizing glimpse of what makes a cruise here a true trip of a lifetime.

Unleash your inner Indiana Jones…

… with adventures that surpass pretty much anything you’ve ever encountered. Board a seaplane for a low-level scenic flight over tropical forests inhabited only by those that slither, crawl and scurry. Develop nerves of steel as you traverse long forgotten reefs teaming with sub-aquatic life and cling on for dear life on a high-speed speed boat ride that whisks you across the waves to what is truly one of the wonders of the world, the mind-bending Horizontal Falls.

Only travelling by water are visitors able to happen upon one uninhabited island after another, tread beaches of the whitest, softest sands, hike some of the last remaining pristine rain forests in the world and gaze up into the night’s inky black skies for some of the best star spotting you’ll ever experience. And, of course, get the chance to cast a lure into the azure waters to hook some of the most sought after catches on the planet, and perhaps fish for your own supper.

An ocean teeming with life

Sailing these waters provides us with a brief interlude into the rich wildlife that inhabits our oceans. Whales, dolphins, fish of all shapes, sizes and colours, not to mention some of the most ferocious predators of the deep live in the watery depths. Imagine the adrenaline surge if you dare take a cage dive into shark infested waters. And if that doesn’t hit the spot, grab a snorkel and fins and float the surface for a secret view of a plethora of life below the surface. A waterproof camera is an absolute must!

Horizontal Falls Adventures offer the ultimate in such an experience and have been showing visitors their homeland secrets longer than any other tour operator in the area. With an exclusive vessel that provides an intimate tour number of no more than 12, your guide is a local who can show you the hidden gems of the region like no other. Enjoy an all-inclusive package that includes freshly prepared meals from their talented on-board chef, comfortable accommodation and a personalised itinerary, such a cruise is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. Check out the 4 Night Ultimate Horizontal Falls Cruise at or give them a call on 08 9192 1172 to find out how you can discover a part of Australia that few visitors are ever privileged enough to see.

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