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What should I pack in terms of clothing and shoes?

We recommend casual, lightweight and quick drying clothing for the boat and during excursions. You’ll be visiting waterholes and waterfalls, so don’t forget your swimwear.  Long pants and long-sleeved tops are advised for evenings, as temperatures can be cool from June to August.  On board the Barrashack, casual dining wear is appropriate and no formal wear is required.

Please bring a pair of comfortable walking/hiking shoes with good ankle support and make sure they’re OK to get wet.  Shoes aren’t required on the houseboat, but it’s up to you.  Most of our guests find a pair of thongs and reef shoes very useful.

What personal items should I bring with me?

You should bring your own toiletries and any other relevant medications, including insect repellent.

If you are concerned you may feel the effects of motion sickness, it’s advisable to bring some preventative medication.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, a medical supplies kit is available on board.

Hairdryers are supplied in each bathroom, as well as complimentary shampoo, conditioner and soap.

Sun protection and insect repellent are available on board, but you may wish to bring your own.

Bathroom towels are provided, but you will need to bring your own beach towel.

The Barrashack is equipped with 240V electricity and each cabin has its own power outlets.

Remember your camera and chargers or batteries for your electronic devices.

Are there any luggage weight restrictions?

As your Horizontal Falls Cruise includes travel by seaplane, we ask that you please be mindful of the weight restrictions on our aircraft.

Please pack as light as possible, as we have an 8kg baggage limit per person.  And please pack your belongings in a soft bag for easy storage.  If you have additional luggage, we do have secure storage facilities at our Horizontal Falls Seaplanes Adventures office in Broome.   We’d appreciate it you could please advise us the day before your departure if you require excess luggage storage.

Will I have mobile coverage on the boat?

There’s no mobile coverage while we’re cruising along the remote Kimberley coast.  However, the boat is equipped with a satellite phone that is available for emergencies.   Guests are also able to relay messages back to our office.

Will there be alcohol available on the tour?

Guests are asked to supply all their own alcohol.  This needs to be ordered and paid for in full eight days prior to departure to facilitate transport and storage (and to make sure your drinks are cold when you arrive!)

You’ll need to place your order with our supplier, The Roebuck Hotel, using the form provided to you at the time of booking and pay for it in full.  Our supplier will do their best to accommodate any specific requests and our team will arrange for your order to be collected and delivered to the seaplane.

Please note that due to weight restrictions on the Horizontal Falls seaplane, there is a strict loading maximum of 10kg of alcohol per person.  No alcohol is allowed to be taken on the flight.

Complimentary soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee (there’s an espresso machine!) are available on the houseboat.

Do I need to bring any fishing equipment?

High-quality fishing equipment will be provided (including lures).

Do I need travel insurance for my 4 Night Ultimate Kimberley Adventure?

We strongly recommend that you take out comprehensive travel insurance prior to departure.  Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures are not responsible for any loss or damage (i.e. baggage, personal items and injuries).

If you need further information, have a look at our other frequently asked questions.  If you have any other questions that have not yet been addressed, please feel free to contact us directly by email or by calling our office on 08 9192 1172.

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